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ImageVenue is a simple photo editor. It provides many great features of popular photo editing software (such as rotating, cropping, red eye reduction, etc.) and all of it from a user friendly interface. Now you don't have to install any complicated software just to crop your images so you can use it from any computer in the world! It's perfect for editing photos to upload to Facebook©, MySpace© or Flickr©.

One the unique features of ImageVenue is the great performance compare to other competitors. Another one, missing from other web sites is the ability to upload multiple photos. The multiple photo upload tool is really easy to use with the ability to select several photos in just a few clicks. It contains a nice progress bar, so you always know how long it'll take to upload your photos. And of course we have Red Eye Reduction tool. Now you can easily fix Red Eyes from our website. Check out all the great feature provided by our site.

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